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Originally Posted by Abatis View Post
No, but I thought you might be capable of articulating a cogent oppositional legal argument.
I'm not a lawyer. We're not in court. You were the one who made the absurd claim that reversal of 2A would lead to penumbral protection reversals of abortion and various other rights. Conveniently ignoring the fact that all those other rights were hard fought for, separate and apart from 2A. Conveniently forgetting the fact that you admitted to wanting more right leaning courts that would challenge/restrict rights like abortion and marriage equality. Conveniently dismissing that other democracies around the world honor rights and liberty without reliance on anything like 2A.

In summary, if it please the court, I call bullshit on your entire line of reasoning. Articulate enough for you?

Originally Posted by Abatis View Post
Today is a day when we pay our respects and honor some members of the "unorganized" militia . . . The passengers of Flight 93. Their actions are the epitome of the sense of civic duty and sacrifice for the greater good of "unorganized" militia -- even though they took no oath of service to their state or the nation. Your denial spits on their service.
Wow. I'm almost embarrassed for you, that you thought nothing of sinking so low as to use the anniversary of a national tragedy in such a transparently manipulative manner, in an attempt to further your bent agenda. If your previous posts didn't quite say it clearly enough, this has certainly put all doubt to rest about the kind of person you really are. I'm done here.
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