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I'm very sorry for your friend, but the emotional consequences of any assault can be problematic. Heck, just being close to assault can bring on PTSD. There are real men who are crippled because they were assaulted, too.

A lot of these "what to do" things are fake. You can't keep your car safe by parking it in a well-lit area. There's a rash of car break-ins in my area involving cars in well-lit, well-trafficked areas. The thieves are really fast. Someone parks their car "for a moment" and runs indoors to do an errand. The thieves smash the window and grab any handy valuables are are gone in less than a minute.

Women can't completely avoid the risk of sexual assault. And the impact of a lot of the "good advice" they get is to constrict their lives in ways that men are never asked to contemplate. Like, in all seriousness, what do YOU do to protect YOURSELF from assault? How often do you even think about it?

I told my daughter to make sure to eat regularly, and get enough sleep. Honestly, she had watched "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", she knew to watch her drink. My daughter went to college with pre-existing emotional trauma (not assault related) and the thing I worried most about was her making an appointment to see a therapist. That was the #1 safety item I concerned myself with when I dropped her off at school.