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Originally Posted by XT View Post
I'm hoping you were tongue in cheek here. The trouble is, who decides who is or isn't a 'moron'...and based on what criteria? Basically, any free citizen should be able to vote as long as they are competent enough to show up and get a ballot and make their mark.
I remember many a discussion on people not having the capability of getting their picture on an ID to prove their eligibility to vote. I would think that would be the minimum requirement.

Holding office, however, is another matter.
Is it? Someone is electing orangutans into office. You can't blame the Orangutan as he is just flinging shit like all orangutan's do. It is the people in the voting booth doing the damage.

While I, personally, don't think we should put a formal age limit on anyone (aside from 18 on the bottom end, and I could be convinced even that isn't necessary),
It is entirely necessary. A person under a certain age doesn't have the life experience to make decisions that could affect people for generations to come. And while you may say that the decisions made by the current crop of monkeys aren't that great I can only imagine the disaster that an idealistic 18 year old would unleash on the world.