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Originally Posted by slash2k View Post
No, they're thinking that if a black student and a white student behave in the same manner, but the black student gets suspended and the white student gets referred for ADHD testing, that maybe something is going on that isn't quite fair.
I think that children with disabilities in general get swept up in the "disruptive behavior" bucket. Reality check, they can be disruptive. They need additional supports and their behavior may not be what one prefers. My son, for example, got repeated suspensions for playing with his white board and marker in fourth grade. One could a) move those items, or b) ignore his doodling, but his school picked c) make a huge, instruction-stopping deal over it and then suspend my kiddo.

I completely agree with the proposition that minorities are more likely to be targeted. I just find it laughable that any school routinely refers students for testing. They don't want to pay for it. Easier to suspend the kid and hope you can eventually expel him.