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Originally Posted by pullin View Post
Thanks for that info. I didn't know there was a large price difference. Like jz78817 above, the concept has been mostly incomprehensible to me. I had viewed it as "renting out a spare room to strangers" and was puzzled why either homeowners or renters would want this. I guess like most news, we only hear about the bad experiences.
I used Airbnb in the spring to visit the Okefenokee Swamp. And it was exactly “renting out a spare bedroom in someone’s house”. Furthermore, the house was out in a rural area, on a dirt road, and owned by a woman who was in the house when I was staying there. I couldn’t help thinking that if I were a single woman, I’d feel mighty uncomfortable letting a strange man stay in my home. And she must have felt the same, because I never laid eyes on her the whole trip - she stayed in another bedroom. Never talked to her, either - we communicated strictly via text. The whole thing was rather odd.

Still, the bedroom and bathroom were comfortable, and the price economical. I gave her a good review.
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