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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Let's sidestep the physics and math for a moment. One issue 9/11 Truthers have never answered is why the U.S. government (or whoever was nefarious enough to rig this thing) would want to knock down WTC7. What does knocking down the relatively-obscure, little-known building called WTC7 get them that knocking down the two big Twin Towers alone didn't?
To the conspiracy theory inclined, that the supposed motives are unfathomable is "evidence" of a conspiracy, it just "proves" how insidious and powerful the Forces of Evil TM are that they can obscure their actions to such degree.

It really boils down to the "thought" process of, we don't know how it was done or why, but that's the sort of thing THEY would do so it must have been THEM.

I would fully expect a Truther to argue, when pressed, that we don't know why they did it because "it" was what was covered up by demolishing that building.