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My 2001 Corolla (and probably every car manufactured before it) came with an ashtray and a cigarette lighter. My 2018 Mazda3 has neither. (There's a 12v outlet into which I suppose you could plug an aftermarket cigarette lighter, but it's inside the center console so rather inconvenient for that.) I barely remember smoking sections in California restaurants; I was still a kid when it was banned. I clearly remember when smoking in bars was banned in Massachusetts; I wasn't old enough to be there legally, but I was old enough to get away with it.

NPR had an interview the other day with a high school kid talking about how an e-cigarette company representative had spoken to his class about how safe their product was, in the context of a story about the FDA warning them to knock it off. I don't often scream at the radio these days unless it's one of Trump's defenders, but that one got me. The more things change, the more those purveyors of poison stay the same.