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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
I would say that the OP is not only wrong, but the opposite of right...
I suppose that was supposed to be some variation of "not even right", but it comes out as the equivalent of "Not only does 2+2=4, it also equals 3+1!"
I am sorry that you think that someone who has an opposing few of such matters is arguing in bad faith, because that certainly implies that those who do are being deliberately dishonest
I've also participated in countless gun debates, and those who argue against the right to bear arms are usually arguing in bad faith. They attempt to distort the obvious truth of the intent of the founding fathers and what's actually written in the constitution because they believe that guns are bad or that that part of the constitution is unsuitable or outdated in a modern society, but they knowingly distort the truth and argue in bad faith to try to justify that the constitution never meant that at all.
In fact, it doesn't just imply it-it says it plain and simple. It says that I know that what you believe to be true is actually true, and that I know that what I claim to believe is actually false.
If I am reading your response wrong, please correct me.