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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Um, that link is a letter from an FBI official in 2009

That said, having looked into the matter further, while I think it's relatively likely that the FBI is still suspicious of the organization (at the highest level) and that this isn't unfounded, it does seem to be the case that a whole slew of Democratic congress members (including, for example, Cory Booker) have all signed letters of endorsement for the group.

It also seems to be the case that the only real accusation against CAIR (that its founders specifically created it to raise money for Hamas) has a fairly easy-to-find defense statement circulated around the Internet, saying that this was in 1994, before Hamas turned radical and started to kill people. That argument doesn't hold, since the discussion of Hamas by the founders has them referencing the organization by a codeword, "Samah", which seems completely unnecessary if the group didn't intend to commit crimes. Also, Hamas was founded with an explicit covenant of Jihad and started to kill people by no later than 1989. But, I could easily see someone buying the defense if they didn't dig into the question deeper.

It is unreasonable, given how successful the group has been with courting Democratic congress members and given how easy it is to find the one defense, to attach Omar uniquely to the group minus any evidence that she has a particular relationship with the founders of the organization. I retract that particular concern.