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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
I use Airbnb (or similar services) two or three times a year. It's great. I don't rent out a single room in a house people are living in, I'm renting out really, really nice houses for long weekends and vacations. The places I've stayed at are strictly rental properties. Nobody lives there regularly. Usually it's me and about half a dozen friends who are doing a weekend getaway kind of thing, so the out-of-pocket price is pretty reasonable, even for a really big place near the water, or up in the woods, or other really desirable locations.
That's sort of a problem, though. The owners are treating their homes like a hotel but not complying with the regulations hotels have to (which is one of the reasons hotels costs more). They turn a residential area into a non-residential one, essentially, and don't have the same types of health and safety protections (fire drills, insurance, etc) that hotels and traditional holiday lets do. But they are cheap and often better than hotels, so obviously people are going to use them.

The law is some places is trying to catch up, I think, which is what needs to happen rather than people fighting the inevitability that people are going to do this (some cities try to ban it - Amsterdam, for example). But those legal changes will probably eventually increase the costs of Air B'n'B.

There are tons where I live and TBH there's only one that's sometimes a problem in terms of noise and it's not too frequent. It is a little odd that one of my neighbours is essentially a hotel, and I'm really glad that most of the houses on my road are social housing so most of us aren't allowed to rent out any spare room as Air B'n'B. Otherwise it could be a very different situation. It's a really nice road with flats that have gardens in a supposedly rough and central area of London, and very close to the tube, so it's the kind of place people like to stay - if it were all private homes I suspect we'd be overrun with Air B'nB properties TBH and then we'd have problems.