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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Must depend on where you are. They're still all over the place here; maybe somewhat less so than they used to be, but I see them for sale in drugstores, gas stations, groceries, etc. all the time.
You can still buy them, but it's not at all common to see people reading them, see them as litter blowing around, or find newspapers in public areas anymore.

I mean, I still read the Dallas Morning News, but I do it on my phone or desktop. The actual printed paper would be pretty inconvenient by comparison.

Nationwide, newspaper circulation is about half what it used to be, and ad revenue is about a third. Printed magazines are just as badly affected, with a lot of formerly popular magazines going web-only(Newsweek, Redbook, Teen Vogue) or having much reduced circulation(Time), reducing publication frequency(Seventeen), or folding altogether(Life).