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For 18 years I believed the official government narrative and believed that Truthers were deranged individuals, then I decided to take the time to hear Truther arguments. They have some very disturbing points to make that resonate with me. Some things they say may be wrong or exaggerated or twisted to support their overall beliefs, but I have seen enough to say the official narrative is not correct. I joined this discussion to get a rebuttal to what I have recently learned. It is quite shameful that people feel the need to mock me when I just want a civil discussion.

I do not believe airplane with the amount of fuel they carry could destroy buildings in the manner we witnessed. All three buildings collapsed as if they were in a controlled demolition. The Twin Towers has a massive asbestos issue and the cost of abatement could have ruined the owner Larry Silverstein. Some have suggested Larry Silverstein conspired with government forces. Yeah, it sounds crazy but it would not be the first time a landlord engaged in murder and arson.

I do not know what happened to the people in the planes, but I would suggest that entities that would create a "New Pearl Harbor" that resulted in two wars, hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths, and 4.5 trillions in costs are not above anything.
You need look no further for the answer of why people don't take you seriously.

There is no serious discussion to be had because none of your arguments are grounded on the smallest semblance of fact. You watched 4.5hours of lies. You believed those lies without critical thought.

Where would one even begin trying to reason with your absurd understanding of events?
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