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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
I do not believe airplane with the amount of fuel they carry could destroy buildings in the manner we witnessed. All three buildings collapsed as if they were in a controlled demolition.
Just because you don't "believe" it, or can't "imagine" it, or "conceive" it doesn't mean it didn't happen. People are quick to dismiss things just because they can't comprehend them. Hell, I have no idea of how an iPhone does all the stuff it does and can't even begin to comprehend how microchips work. But they do and the iPhone certainly does exist.
And it's amazing how all of these experts came out of the woodwork who know the visual difference between a controlled demolition and one cause by a structural failure on the 95th floor. Their "expertise" seems to be that they saw a youtube video of the Vegas Riveria being demolished and compared it to buildings being destroyed in a Michael Bay movie.