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Originally Posted by Spiderman View Post
There is no requirement that you check your account every day or couple of days; the bank only provides statements once a month.
There is no guarantee that you'll check the statement the day it hits your mailbox. You could be away or just not get the mail for a few days.
There is no requirement that one is observant about checking their balance. I typically have enough to pay my bills; if I sign in on the app to do bill pay I don't even see balances. if I sign in on the website, balances come up on the homepage but I also know that bill pay is on the top of the page & could click directly on that. I use a small FI; while the app & website are available at anytime, customer service only has daytime hours. If I notice a problem at night, I can't call anyone then & need to remember to call the next day.
So what? If you don't notice it, you don't notice it. If you make attempts to contact the people who made a mistake, you're making a reasonable effort. That doesn't make purposely keeping it and hoping no one notices all okey dokey.

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