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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
Explain this:

(3) WTC7 wasn't hit by a plane. Why would normal office furnishings and material cause such a massive structural collapse?

This is a fundamentally dishonest question. WTC1 and 2 were hit by planes, and yet, you still think their collapses were suspicious. This question is intended to suggest an open-mindedness that Truthers don't actually have.

(6) How could there be molten steel under ruins three months after the collapse?

And this is a good question for you, as well. How would an explosive controlled demolition produce this effect? Disregarding the fact that the claims of "molten steel" are all completely unfounded, if such evidence actually did exist, it is fatal to most of the truther hypotheses as well, because it calls into question all their "evidence" for controlled demolition and explosives.

Assuming for a moment that you're not a dyed-in-wool CTist, but are just honestly seeking answers, don't you think that the people who created and promulgated a list containing such dishonest, misleading elements should be held to account, and be subject to your scrutiny?