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Originally Posted by kirkrapine View Post
The present Admin clearly pays very little attention to experts, and Congress not much more. Yet the power of the Deep State over policy -- that is, over limiting the range of acceptable policy discussion -- remains undiminished.

Looking around the world, it manifestly works considerably less well than West-Euro-style social democracy -- which, thanks to the Deep State, is off the table here. As for "elite economists," their present consensus tends toward not neoliberalism but post-Keynesianism.
Trump may not listen to experts but he is not the only person in his administration. Most of the people appointed to run the agencies are listening to experts.
Congress has its own experts and their policy choices have not changed.

Neoliberalism works everywhere it is tried. For example look at the Social Democracies such as Sweden, who tried neo liberalism after a collapse in the early 90s and found that it worked there, or Germany who reformed labor laws to neoliberal principles. Post Keynesianism is not well defined enough to be called a consensus.