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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
The Twin Towers has a massive asbestos issue and the cost of abatement could have ruined the owner Larry Silverstein. Some have suggested Larry Silverstein conspired with government forces. Yeah, it sounds crazy but it would not be the first time a landlord engaged in murder and arson.
Robert Szantner, a principle of Minoru Yamasaki Associates, the architectural firm that designed the World Trade Center, said asbestos was used in the construction.

"But the Port Authority, once they discovered that asbestos was a problem, put together a remediation program, that through the course of many years was eliminating most of the asbestos in the building," he told UPI. "However, there may be some minor areas that hadn't yet been completely upgraded to new fireproofing on the structural steel. So that should be the only remaining asbestos in the building. In proportion it should be fairly nominal."

Szantner said most of the dust seen in the air is gypsum board and pulverized concrete.

That doesn't sound like such a massive problem to me - probably not massive enough to engineer a conspiracy to crash two airliners and murder thousands. YMMV.