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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
...A while ago this video came out 10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman. The video is just a couple of minutes of the whole thing. Some of the things she experienced in that 10 hours I have not experienced in my entire lifetime--nothing close to it. At the end it says she had 100+ incidents of guys following her, harassment, cat calls, leering, etc. along with countless winks, whistles, etc. Her experience is nothing like my experience.
That was a video of annoying things that happened to her. Not of dangerous things that happened to her. There's a really big gulf between "some random person makes a rude statement" and "dangerous assault".

I think you're missing that distinction.

I also think you have chosen not to hear the numerous women who have come to the thread to say, "cut it out, dude, you are not helping. If anything, you are increasing the guilt women feel if they are assaulted."