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Back on the original topic of this thread, I wonder if he regrets fighting the conviction and wishes he had just taken a quiet plea bargain, especially one that had jail time but no sex offender registration, instead of fighting and appealing. The slap on the wrist sentence and "20 minutes of action" comment have brought this into the public consciousness, 'brock the rapist' on google brings up the case, and his mugshot as turned up in at least one textbook as an example of a rapist, so he's going to have to deal with this whenever he tries to get a job, whereas with a plea bargain or just an ordinary conviction it would be easier to pass off as a "youthful indiscretion." A lot of businesses just aren't going to want a literal textbook example of a rapist on their staff page.

Also, the judge who gave the six month (three actually served) sentence and was recalled, and who also (in a 2011 case) allowed photos of a different rape victim enjoying herself at a party a year after her rape as evidence that she wasn't traumatized by rape, got a job as a girl's tennis team coach. This has led to some seriously outraged parents who don't want a pro-rape judge coaching their girls. "All athletic coaches have to be mandated reporters for harassment and abuse, and Persky’s language during the trial and decision to focus on supporting the rapist more than the survivor Chanel Miller has made it clear he does not respect the bodily autonomy of women and therefore cannot be an appropriate choice for our tennis coach. That is not the type of person our 14-16-year-old girls on the JV Sports team should have for a coach or mentor."