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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
It is so easy but you still cannot explain it.

I refer you to the video above from the University of Alaska that states fire as well as debris and heat from WTC 1 and 2 did not cause the WTC 7 to collapse.
Except I DID explain, in broad terms why it collapsed. It's pretty simple, really. Debris, including flaming debris from the North/WTC 1(IIRC) tower crushed the building and took out key structural elements in the south facing facade as well as (again IIRC) on the 5th - 8th floors. In addition, said debris set the building on fire, including things like generator bunkers, but all sort of other of the myriad things that are flammable in buildings (paint, cleaning supplies, paper, furniture, etc etc etc). This fire was not able to be responded too...including the building fire suppression system, which was out ALSO knocked out...and since it wasn't along the same priority (as well as the whole 'nothing we can do with the water lines cut' thingy) it was basically left burning. All day. So, a structure that was already weakened by having, literally, tons of debris hitting it, and a building that had a significant portion of it's main structural elements which were in the facade destroyed by said debris was then left to burn, uncontrolled, for again literally hours. It's a wonder it actually stayed up as long as it did, really.

I don't need to refer to any video or even bother to look this stuff up again as I've been over this multiple times. The debris from WTC 1 DID LEAD to the collapse. It didn't cause it directly, since it took almost a full day for it to happen (IIRC, WTC 7 finally gave up the ghost and collapsed around 5pm that afternoon...THINK about that and consider that the first started by the debris were burning for all that time, unchecked). But it was the ultimate cause, and anyone saying it wasn't is either lying or doesn't know what they are talking about. End of story.

I understand that you aren't going to accept any of this. You aren't. You don't care that the building burned uncontrollably for nearly a full day, or what the ramifications of that are. You don't care that key structural elements in the facade and even in the core were outright cut out or severely weakened by tons of debris falling on it from WTC 1. You want there to be some big mystery or coverup or whatever. But there really isn't. It comes down to physics, material science and, well, just reality in the end.

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!

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