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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
Last June, we were driving through New York State - along I-88 or something - and were briefly behind someone whose bumper sticker told me all I needed to know about the driver.

"All I needed to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11".
"All I need to know about Christianity, I learned from the Crusades"

Says this Christian.

Too many tangles with bureaucracy. I had to call my health insurance company for some information, wound up hearing "Oh, I'll be happy to help you with that" too many times. (Most of them couldn't.) Had to input my ID number twice, along with my zip code, birthdate, and God knows what-all else. Even after that I had to "verify" some of this info with one of the representatives. I get needing to make sure I am the person I claim to be, but this does seem like overkill.

Then I was trying to pay a store credit card. What date would you like to make the payment? it asks. I tell it today. Then it wants to know the amount, and what account I will pay it from, and a couple of other things, and when I agree that everything is fine and it's time to submit the payment a little note appears: "It is past 5 pm on the day you specified. You may not submit a payment past 5 pm and have it credited to your account on this date. Please return to the main page and indicate a different date." What, you couldn't tell me the moment I clicked on today's date that no, this date was off limits?