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Originally Posted by muldoonthief View Post
But if I leave the property where the other party inadvertently left it, and they have full access to that location to remove it on their own, I think it would be impossible to prove "intent to deprive the owner thereof".

Say someone parks their car on my lawn and disappears for a week. I do nothing. How can they prove I intended to deprive them of it? They can walk up and drive it away any time they please, just like the bank could withdraw the money from where they put it any time they please.
Remember though, that the bank is not the owner of the money. So leaving money in your account and saying nothing to anyone does not leave it in a place where the owner has free access to it.

As far as other kinds of property, what is reasonable would depend on the circumstances. If you had friends over, and you later notice a 1 carat diamond ring laying on your porch, partly under a large planter, doing nothing to notify the owner of the Lost property and just waiting for someone to come and get it seems pretty unreasonable to me. But your car example seems fairly reasonable as far as it goes.