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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post

Come on, it's absurd to think the explosives were placed after the planes struck. If this was a controlled demolition, it was done before. There are theories that the 19 Hijackers were patsies and that others actually flew the planes.

There is so much wrong with your whole post, but I only have the patience to comment on this part.

I absolutely agree it would be absurd to think explosives were placed after they struck. But nobody anywhere here has ever said that (or did I miss it).

I also find it absurd that there were any explosives planted at all. And if there were no explosives, then what does that leave? A plane strike and fire. A fire suppression system, if undamaged designed to keep small fires from becoming large fires. Like if someone's cigarette in a trashcan or burned popcorn. Not thousands of gallons of fuel and the massive amount of heat that come from a big jet disintegrating at 500+ mph.
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