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Only small percentage of that 10000 gallons of fuel would have been available to burn the building. Certainly some evaporated or splattered away. I have not seen anyone state that jet fuel is great for burning steel buildings. I do not even know if jet fuel would burn in such a way as facilitate fires in the buildings.
You're awfully sure about things you admit to not knowing.

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If this were a building in some Third World country, I might accept "the fires did it explanation". But modern buildings have redundant measures to stop fires from spreading.
There is nothing it the building code that talks about prevention of fire burning at these high temperatures. Additionally, an airliner is going to destroy most if not all of the infrastructure that prevents fires, on impact. How does a fire barrier withstand catastrophic impact of that magnitude?

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Come on, it's absurd to think the explosives were placed after the planes struck. If this was a controlled demolition, it was done before. There are theories that the 19 Hijackers were patsies and that others actually flew the planes.
Before what? By whom? For what reason? Who were those others that flew the planes? What difference does it make who flew the planes? Did planes fly into buildings or didn't they?

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In a situation such as 911, I don't assume anything really. I would think it would be hard to predict how a building struck by a plane would collapse. However, the University of Alaska seems pretty adamant and NIST models predict an asymmetrical collapse.
Instead of speculating from 'alternative facts', why not actually read the NIST FAQ that addresses all these issues in a way that actually explains what happened. Or, you know, just keep rollin' with the c.t. bullshit videos.

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