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Originally Posted by fedman View Post
so teachers have to be child psychologists, family counselors, social workers in addition to teaching 30-40 other kids for low pay? and MR Idealist, where exactly is this money coming from?
Ironically one example pointed early by a critic of the ban in support of his position; does show that that is not really what it is done while applying also more discipline when needed, in a "school that was brought under control".
With Washington in the spotlight, the school district acknowledged changes needed to be made before the start of this school year. An additional associate principal was hired, another counselor, three more teachers and five new monitors to work where needed during the school day.

“We’ve added layers of supervision, we’ve added layers of resource to provide support for kids and teachers and our number one goal was to create a safe environment,” Hoh said.

They also made a new commitment to explain to students – the consequences of their actions.
My impression is that funds were found, and really, more money is needed on that front for the security of our communities instead of wasting money on a wall.