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Hi Shodan,

Only small percentage of that 10000 gallons of fuel would have been available to burn the building. Certainly some evaporated or splattered away. I have not seen anyone state that jet fuel is great for burning steel buildings. I do not even know if jet fuel would burn in such a way as facilitate fires in the buildings.
Jet fuel has to carry some rather heavy planes a long way. And that means its really energy dense. Meaning, it burns hot!

I don't really see how much fuel could "evaporate" or "splatter away" in that kind of inferno.

Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
If this were a building in some Third World country, I might accept "the fires did it explanation". But modern buildings have redundant measures to stop fires from spreading.
Not after a plane smashes through a building at umpteen miles per hour they don't.
Also, remember that the steel support structure is carrying the weight of all the floors above it. Heat weakens the strength of steel. More heat weakens it more. Every smith ever knows that. Its even an expression: Strike while the iron is hot.