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Originally Posted by Ulf the Unwashed View Post
Then I was trying to pay a store credit card. What date would you like to make the payment? it asks. I tell it today. Then it wants to know the amount, and what account I will pay it from, and a couple of other things, and when I agree that everything is fine and it's time to submit the payment a little note appears: "It is past 5 pm on the day you specified. You may not submit a payment past 5 pm and have it credited to your account on this date. Please return to the main page and indicate a different date." What, you couldn't tell me the moment I clicked on today's date that no, this date was off limits?

That reminds me of the time I had to fill out an online government form, I think it was for Medicare. It was a very long form that took over two hours to fill out, ending with an electronic signature. It asked for my middle initial. Well, I don't have a middle name or initial, so I left it blank and hit "enter." I got an error, flagging the middle initial box. So I attempted to put an X in the box. But no, I had already hit enter, so the entire form was locked. I had to call them and input the entire form for them all over again, by phone, spelling out every single answer. But before I began, I explained to the woman that I don't have a middle name.