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Earlier this month, my daughter was holding my 14 year old cat, who has arthritis and does NOT like his feet or legs touched. But his nails were curling under into the pads. So she held him while I tried to clip. I warned her, 'he will struggle, do you want me to wrap him in a towel or something?' No, no, just clip his nails. Son of a gun, I was on the last nail and he BIT her with one of his few remaining teeth (he had to have most extracted at the vet). She shrieked, ran into the kitchen dripping blood, and drove right to the Urgent Care. Was there all afternoon, of course. Furious! But I TOLD HER SO......So a couple weeks ago, I'm sitting on the couch next to the cat, fumbling around for the tv remote, and moved him aside with my hand. Son of a gun, he bit ME this time, in three places!....It was midnight, so I went to the same Urgent Care with a swollen hand and a red line going up from the worst bite. Intravenous antibiotics, tetanus shot, x-rays, two prescriptions of antibiotics to take that almost killed me with side effects, 6 HOURS sitting around, and a big lecture on not waiting after a cat bite...

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