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[QUOTE=SlackerInc;21858570]Iím not a conservative, so Iím not sure who you are directing that at.

You are still citing the same type of studies that find correlation without showing causation. The causation idea is weakly possible, but it seems to me that Ockhamís Razor leads us to believe as a Bayesian prior that there is not much causation there. They need to do an actual prospective study where they take carefully matched high schools (or even better, matched school districts) and eliminate suspensions in one but not the other. Until they have something like that, no amount of repeating the same types of data analysis means much of anything.
Why do you think it's only weakly possible? I've been in public schools for nearly two decades, and it seems incredibly plausible to me. Furthermore, if there's a strong possibility that it's hurting kids and no evidence it's helping them, how on earth can it be best practice to keep it?

And BTW, I agree that out of school suspension is dumb. They should do ISS instead and use a juvenile detention center if necessary. Will it help the kids who get in trouble? I am agnostic on that, but I do believe it is good for the teachers and other students to have those troublemakers out of their hair.
Thank you for worrying about my hair. But I will tell you, a couple-few days without a "trouble-maker" is not worth the additional work it takes to get them caught up.

ETA: This is something about which my wife, a high school special-education teacher, and I vehemently disagree. You might say she is much more qualified to judge, but I spent several years substitute teaching mostly in middle school and high school.
I think appealing to a couple years as a sub as superior experience to working as a teacher for decades is a weak argument.