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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
Are you sure it wasn't KLondike 5-? KL-5 maps to good old 555. While HOllywood-5 maps to 465.

In Play It Again, Sam, Tony Roberts' character is always using a pay phone to call his office to let them know where he was and tells them the pay phone number. Lot of KL-5's IIRC.
I know why Hollywood uses fake numbers - so innocent people don't get endless crank calls from bored yayhoos calling 343-2794 and asking for Charlie Brown.

But when it's a pay phone, why not use the real number? So what if some teenage calls and asks for Dick. Chances are, no one will answer, and if they do, he's not there.

Hollywood should pool its money and get a range of phone numbers set up, so that if some peckerwood calls the number and tried to get Tony Stark, they eother get a rude message calling them stupid, or they get a prerecorded message of Stark telling them he's out but they can leave a message, or get bonus information on the next movie, or whatever. It can't cost that much.