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For me, it was one of the few times I recognized that my mind refused to process what my eyes were seeing.

I heard on the radio that the first plane hit, so I turned off the radio and turned on the TV at my desk at work. I'm watching with a couple of co-workers, thinking it must have been a plane malfunction or something.

Then I saw the second plane come around. I could see it was a jet, but I remember thinking, and quite clearly, "police helicopter," because who else but a police helicopter would fly that close to a burning building?

Then it hit and my co-worker said, "Did that just happen?" That's when I started calling my friends and co-workers up in New York. Everyone was okay, thank God.

The plume of the smoke as the buildings collapse fascinates me. I don't know how to describe it...horrifying beautiful? Awesome in a destructive hideous way? It was such a clear blue sky of a day, and the way the smoke just billows up and out like it had a mind of its own was incredible. I don't mean that I enjoyed it. I felt very small and helpless and the smoke was a force of nature, like a tidal wave, that is mesmerizing to watch. I'm sorry if that came across as insensitive...I don't know how to describe it.

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