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Originally Posted by Great Antibob View Post
That's a prime example of a major problem that keeps getting passes - even people who think Trump is terrible, corrupt, and utterly incapable and unworthy of the position continue to behave as apologists, desperately searching for even modest justifications and excuses for the large cadre of Trump enablers who could easily have done more to stop or at least ameliorate not merely the worst but nearly all his ill-conceived, unconsidered impulses.
There is the other argument, that everyone should let Trump torpedo himself and his administration with bad choices.

Possibly, that could be or have been the right answer, I have genuinely no way of knowing, but there are significant risks with it:

1) The nuclear codes.
2) How badly does he fuck over the nation while destroying himself?
3) Does the right realize that he's fucking over the nation and being horrible? If the goal is to get him into impeachment territory, if that doesn't happen because his followers like what he's doing then all we've accomplished is to fuck over the country and make his base love him more.
4) Minus somewhat moral and patriotic people in the government, can we trust that Trump won't do something more extreme like trying to claim power over Congress?