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Damn all shortcut-taking contractors to hell and back. The people who renovated this old house generally did a pretty good job, but when it came to drawer slides, they went cheap. Metal slides, but plastic brackets, which fatigue and break over time. This is about the tenth set I've had to replace, and it's a total pain the ass, as it's all hands and knees work.

First, you have to pry the old brackets out, which they attached with at least six staples (not screws, naturally) each, and without accidentally pulling the mounting strip off the back of the cabinet. Then get the new metal brackets installed, which is nowhere as easy as it sounds, even on the tenth go-around, as it requires torquing your back and trying to get both arms into a constricted space (one hand to hold the bracket, the other to operate the screw gun). Since this has to be done on both sides of the drawer, and assuming that one is not ambidextrous, one side is going to be relatively easy, while the other one is going to be a royal bitch. I'm halfway done, and will now tackle her royal highness.

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