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We live in a vacationy area and there's a shortage of accommodations for tourists. Half of our house has been an Airbnb for two years now. It's been great. The guests are almost without fail excellent; clean, quiet, polite etc. We don't have to interact unless we want to since their part of the house is self contained with two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and all. And when we have family visit we block the dates for Airbnb and everyone has loads of room to not get on each other's nerves.

What I particularly like about it is that Airbnb takes care of the financial stuff. I don't have to talk to people about money.
And we've used them when we go on vacation as well. Way cheaper than a hotel, we can stay together as a group and cook our own meals if that's what we want.

Last, but not least; I had to stay in another city for most of a week while my husband had surgery. A cheap hotel room would have cost me about $150/night even with the hospital discount, and I would have had to buy meals. The Airbnb apartment that I rented was $85/night, there was room on a sofa for my step-son, and we could eat in at the end of the long days.

I can see where they're a problem in cities where people are buying property purely to Airbnb them. Sucks for the neighbors. But if you own a cottage or a vacation property I think Airbnb (or VRBO) is a great way to pay the bills. As long as you respect your neigbors.