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Originally Posted by DesertDog View Post
Are you really meaning to imply that men and women are sexually assaulted at more or less the same rate, but men are afraid/unwilling to report it because...?

If not, what do you suppose the true ratio is rather than 10:1? 8:1? 5:1? "only" 2:1?
Not meaning to imply that at all. I simply mean (as was said better by someone else) "we don't know". It's just not a good idea to extrapolate that the reported rate is the *actual* rate. It may be higher. And yes, it probably is fair to say that male sexual assaults are less likely to be reported.

"A common theme emerging in treating male rape victims is a lost sense of manliness. Male victims voice their concern in reconciling their masculine identity with their experience of being raped. One patient reported that he never disclosed it to his wife of 30 years; the sense of stigma from the rape was felt as huge and devastating."

Most statistics are that about 14-18% of males will have been sexually assaulted by age 18. That we know of. Most of this reporting is around minors. Because they are children, you are more likely to get reporting (for both sexes) because of the mandatory reporting requirements in the medical professions and/or parental involvement. This number *doesn't* include the number of assaults reported as adults, though again (as above) men are less likely to report as an adult for a variety of reasons.

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