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Originally Posted by Loach View Post
Youíve made up your mind so go ahead and run with it I donít join in on those types of discussions.
Okay, thank you for admitting to your presumptiveness. I was actually asking a question and looking for information, as to how this actually plays out vs the legal theory that permits it, but since you have "read my mind" to tell me how it is made, then you obviously are not obligated in any way to be a part of a discussion in which you have already made up your mind as to the minds of others.

Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Its not permission to search everyone - that's where you've mistaken the fact pattern.
Then who is excluded from terry stops?

ISTM, as though a cop can stop someone for whatever reason, they don't need PC to show that you are in any way connected to any crime, just that they have a "reasonable suspicion" that you may be connected to some sort of crime, which is easy enough to justify after the fact. They don't even have to be aware of, or even really have a reasonable suspicion that an actual crime has been committed, just that they think that you have committed one.

They cannot search you without probable cause, but they can pat you down, with just "reasonable suspicion", and anything found in that pat down is admissible. That's the part that doesn't make sense. It essentially allows searches with just reasonable suspicion, rather than probable cause.