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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
They are either innocent, or they are guilty. The law makes that a binary choice. So, are they treating suspects as if they were innocent, or as if they were guilty.

I would say the ideal would be that they are treated as if they are innocent until a court has looked at the facts of the case and made a determination.

But, you know, if the cop thinks that they are guilty, that's good enough, right?
Your formulation makes zero sense. First, the typical formulation is guilty or not guilty. Innocence is typically not part of the equation. Second, the binary choice doesn't exist until trial. Before that, there are varying levels of detention and seizure available. Third, why would a police officer conduct an arrest if they are treated as if they are innocent? The entire concept of presumption of innocence exists for the courtroom, not for the police when pursuing apprehension of suspects.