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Originally Posted by DSYoungEsq View Post
Current thinking by some scientists. It's not even universally accepted by scientists in the field.
Actually, it's the geologists' version of clickbait. The authors get more attention by making such an extraordinary claim. Given that there is no standard definition of a "geological continent," identifying Zealandia as one is ridiculous. I'm surprised a journal like the GSA would have published something like that.

Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
I still think it's absurd to consider "The Americas" to be a single continent, especially if you're also considering Europe and Asia as separate. If you try to cut the outline of the Americas out of a piece of paper, it's going to fall apart somewhere in the vicinity of Panama. Likewise, if you try to cut out Eurasiafrica, Africa is going to fall off. But no way is Eurasia going to come apart.
Your problem is that you are expecting the definition of continents to make sense.

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