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Young mom, National Guard medic, shot twice during home invasion while nursing her baby. Returns fire and intruders flee.

What the men who broke in didnít know was that Bunce is a combat medic with the North Carolina National Guard. They also didnít know that she was armed ó something that quickly became apparent when she decided it was her turn to shoot and then unleashed a volley of gunfire.

Paul Bunce, Semanthaís husband, told reporters that he believes his wifeís training helped her stay calm until paramedics could arrive at the scene and treat her, possibly saving her life. She also managed to save the life of the coupleís 4-month-old baby. She was feeding the boy when the attack occurred.
This young woman was seriously injured and according to the accompanying TV news video, was facing additional surgery for the wound to her stomach which the doctors were concerned about. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with medical costs and is linked to in the accompanying story. Here's hoping she pulls through okay.