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Originally Posted by Gary Kumquat View Post
But I thought you wanted examples of incidents where guns stopped the bad guy? Doesn't this count? He was a criminal. He was shot by a gun. I'd have thought that's exactly what you wanted?
I'd have thought he wanted examples of incidents where guns enabled people to defend themselves from bad guys. Surely the distinction is not beyond your grasp, although your last few comments cause me to be less confident of that assumption than I might have been otherwise.

Originally Posted by Gary Kumquat View Post
By the way, regarding the Auraria West light rail station, I've been thinking about it and I'm not sure if that's really a good one for this thread.

I think that should be in a "positive scuffle news of the day" thread. What do you reckon?
Admittedly this instance falls short of what I believe the purpose of the thread is, which is to highlight the numerous times gun owners have been able to use their weapons to defend themselves and their loved ones from criminal threat. Since you seem confused as to how this particular situation should be described, I'd characterize it as an incident which started out as a negative use of guns that fortunately turned into a positive use of guns.