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Originally Posted by Gary Kumquat View Post
Oh my dear SA, I don't think you should be throwing snarks about comprehension around. It ill suits you.
Oh, I don't had the effect of getting you to drop the pretense and faux befuddlement and post something serious for a change.

Do you really think you've been scoring any sort of worthwhile points by suggesting things like it being a positive for gun ownership in the OP's mind that a rogue cop committed suicide? Or by pretending it's a condemnation of gun ownership to observe that a woman shot by intruders wouldn't have been shot had they not had guns, irrespective of the fact she could have faced a far worse fate had she been unarmed also and they attacked (and likely raped and killed) her with knives or bludgeons or their fists?

I notice you've been utterly silent when it comes to answering any of the issues we've raised, including the question of how you'd keep guns out of the hands of criminals post gun control or legal elimination. Until you can tell us how victims without guns are supposed to fight off criminals armed with illegal guns (or axes or swords or cleavers or baseball bats) and/or how you're going to keep guns out the hands of bad guys in your utopian gun free world, you aren't going to make much headway in getting anyone not already opposed to gun ownership to change their mind.