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In other news, Second Amendment election results 2015
There were two states that had elections last week where firearm issues played an important role. The result:
Texas is the 19th state to add express protection of the right to hunt to its state constitution. Pennsylvania and Vermont were the first, in the 18th century. A right to hunt measure will be on the ballot in Indiana in 2016.

In Virginia, the State Senate had a 21-19 Republican majority. Democrats hoped to pick up at least one seat, which would flip party control thanks to the Lt. Governor’s tie-breaking vote. Two key seats were in play:

In the 7th district, covering parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, there was an open seat created by a Republican retirement. In the Mansassas area, there was an open seat resulting from a Democratic retirement. Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” organization spent massively in both races: $700,000 in the first race, and $1.5 million in the second, according to The Washington Post.
And the results? The two candidates that Bloomberg tried to push both lost, and McAuliffe will have little to no chance to advance any gun control agenda. An Op Ed (I think?) from the Washington Post asks, Did gun control cost McAuliffe and Democrats the Virginia election?
When Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats study what went wrong for them in Tuesday’s crucial legislative elections, one possible mistake stands out: Their aggressive advocacy of gun control in a pivotal Senate race in the Richmond area may have backfired by producing a pro-Republican backlash.
From a local paper:
Sturtevant’s victory margin in Powhatan also raised questions about whether a big gun-control advertising push for Gecker by a national group backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg backfired by turning out gun-rights advocates at the polls. Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund spent $700,000 on advertising on behalf of Gecker.
“Amazing Powhatan turnout. Definitely Bloomberg backlash,” longtime Democratic political operative Paul Goldman said in a text message.
Bloomberg has the ability to outspend every single gun rights organization single handedly, and his pledge last year to spend $50M dwarfs anything else out there. This election was a data point that it is not simply a matter of spending.