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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
You're just parroting others.
What are you basing that statement on?
Think about it.
Like I've been using automatic writing to post up to now?
Does the singularity mean it's unpredictable?
What's on the other side is, yes. In its purest sense, that's what "singularity" means.
This is why verner vinge says a singularity is unpredictable. It is NOT totally unknowable - but if most of the constraints that limit what humans can do are lifted, what will they do? Impossible to accurately forecast.
"Impossible to accurately forecast" is "unknowable" for the present.

No-one's arguing that we won't be able to know what the singularity entails after it happens. That's as trivial as saying I "know" the 3-body problem because I can see where all 3 bodies are right now. But our concern is prediction, and you agree that accurate forecasts are impossible.

So, how exactly was I wrong, again?