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Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
Gamma needs 5 cm or 2 inches of lead to be safely blocked.
Make a suit which has 2 inches of lead behind it. Good luck.
Originally Posted by MarvinKitFox View Post
*During * a meltdown?

Forget about the gamma radiation, a mere 5-10cm of lead will attenuate that down to safe levels.

You need to worry about the neutron flux, shielding against that requires not only different materials, but which materials work best vary depending on the source/energy of the neutrons. To shield against what an active meltdown emits, you would need about 2 meters of water, *then* 5cm of lead. Just having the water, or just having the lead, will not stop very much.
Not that anyone is likely to be exposed to these levels of radiation without training, but NO.
10 cm of lead will stop a percentage of gamma radiation, but if the source is intense enough that bit of lead won't reduce it enough to save you.

I haven't watched this show, but the accident was analyzed thoroughly in the aftermath for lessons learned. Alarms were probably disabled or ignored, because the reactor was foolishly being run in an abnormal mode for testing.