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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
I understand the sensitivity to the thread in question and the way the first post in it was phrased, but I think it was moderated with appropriate balance, and that it's silly to suggest that the board is the kind of place that's going to drive women away. It's not as if this place was a den of misogyny or had a special attraction for low-life horndogs. S
Sometimes it DOES feel like a haven for horndogs, and it used to be much, much worse, so a lot of us are pretty sensitive because if we don't, it will be back to "yuk yuk I'll hold'em for you" in every thread about bras.

I didn't read every post in that thread because I thought the subject matter was basically pretty puerile, and in my mind, that's about all the attention it deserved. It seems silly to suggest that the entire board is somehow misogynistic because the OP didn't get the verbal equivalent of a public thrashing. Incidentally, back to Dave Barry, the fourth lesson from Lucy, somewhat paraphrased, is not to overreact to things that are basically trivial, because almost everything is. Misogyny is certainly a serious matter, but a guy essentially making pronouncements about his testosterone levels isn't misogyny so much as puerile immaturity. To me, it's just a good reason for moving on to another thread.
I didn't want him to get a verbal thrashing. I wanted him to get a fucking NOTE. A "Hey, dude, we don't use terms like "hit that" to talk about women here. Feel free to talk about sexual topics, but keep the lurid descriptions of body parts and similar phrases out of the discussion". That's a "verbal thrashing"? And if he'd then persisted with his story of Scooter Girl, I'd have expected a warning for the same.