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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
... The OP does not appear to be asking a question, or to be asking for help. The OP is, whether or not intentionally, insulting both women (by calling us things, and by saying that our bodies automatically overwhelm anything we might be saying and anything else we might be doing) and other men (by insisting that men in general are unable to control their sexual desires sufficiently to keep their attention on anything else.)

-- wolfpup, I am myself very far from being driven away. But when there are women telling you that women are being driven away by this sort of thing, calling that idea "silly" is most certainly not going to help.
The opening post in question was that thing very common in most societies on the planet: an assertion of being a member of the dominant group. I get to do what I want with the bodies of my inferiors, and we're all able to do what we want with those bodies, and isn't it great, my brothers! Let's relax and talk some tits and ass!

And some of the defenses of the OP amount to 'why should there be any challenges to my right to do as I please? Can't I just feel comfortable with my peers, talking up the bodies of those below us? Can't we just do as we please without any nagging? Why does there has to be this demand that we think about such things? What is wrong with women that they are always pestering us about this stuff? Why are they so silly?'

Why can't they just relax and chill?