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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
What counts as "censored or muzzled"? You can't say "When I see attractive women, all I can think about is how much I'd like to hit that, especially if she's in the shorts that show ass cheeks" in ALL SORTS of circumstances without being reprimanded. Why is saying it shouldn't be acceptable HERE "muzzling and censoring"?
Well, because that is- exactly what it is. There is a post, you dont like the post, you want it muzzled.

We discuss many issues that some find uncomfortable- gay sex, trans issues, murder, gun control, perversions.... trump..... and while I have no issue with anyone finding any of those something they'd rather not read- asking that no one gets to read and mis-labeling it with the label of "misogyny' (which is thrown around here too lightly- along with "racist") is indeed "muzzling" some dudes post.

Lots of issues here, some are uncomfortable. Just dont read those that you find uncomfortable. And don't call something "misogyny" that so clearly isn't.