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Originally Posted by Johnny Ecks View Post
So, last night was another light episode that confirms much speculation-

Confirmed- Gems are a strict caste-based society
Confirmed- Multiple copies of each gem type exist
Confirmed- Pearl is a low caste servant Gem - (and status symbol, apparently)
Confirmed- Periodot is a technician type.

This really explains Rose's videotaped message to Steven in Lion 3- as a living thing, Steven is outside the Gem system and gets to be a blank slate and a unique individual, unlike Gems.

In addition, Periodot continues to show that she has little real experience and is quite naive, but capable of growth.

Make you wonder what the others are designed for, and how far out of their fields they are operating. Rose was obviously a high status leader type, and Pearl her servant.

Ruby, seems to be a warrior type- but if that is so, why is she so small? Sapphires probably serves as advisers or strategists, given the future vision.
A quibble.

Multiple copies exist for at least some gems. Which we already knew given the Kindergarten. Pearls inclusive. We do not know whether or not there are multiple Rose Quartz gems or multiple Yellow Diamonds ...

Ruby is small but then Amethyst is clearly a not large warrior.

A little apparent contradiction in the show ... it sure seems like Amethyst has physically grown from the flashbacks to now but at Kindergarten she fit into the "me-shaped" hole.

Also confirmed this ep is that ep's theme repeated. Disagreeing that only Steven gets to be a unique individual, unlike the other gems. The subversiveness of Earth and its impact on Rose was that who they each are are as gems is not ordained by their gem type. Amethyst was created as a "mistake" and grew to become something much more. Pearl has become more than a low caste pretty status symbol but both a skilled fighter and a skilled technician. Steven's impact more than anything is to catalyze that ability to change, to grow in ways not part of original "programming."

In that vein multiples of the same gems I wonder if the disaster that was Steven and the Stevens is a bit telling. The Rose quartz gem is I suspect unique.