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Originally Posted by congodwarf View Post
Just a reminder that I will be closing this order in exactly 1 week (Thursday, June 28). So, if you want anything, please get your order in before 6:30 PM EST.

*If you desperately want something but absolutely can't order until Friday the 29th, send me a PM.
I should just slip in under the wire for the 28th - got my big box-o-plastic, containerized all my kitchen stuff, saw I needed still more....

Interestingly, I'd bought a couple of Rubbermaid containers that seemed to be their answer to Modular Mates - though they didn't have nearly the selection of sizes etc. However, when I was shuffling things around, I found two of them, and found that for my purpose (storing tubes of Ritz crackers), they worked *better* than the Tupperware.

Off to do some more Windows-shopping .