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I was reading up on the event at TSOaddicts and they mentioned that something is going to happen if you buy donuts, if you are so inclined, tomorrow.

They say:

Note: If you’re thinking about buying donuts…wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, June 3rd, is donuts day! So hold off on buying donuts until you see what’s coming tomorrow. Thanks to LPN for pointing this out. I saw the dates in the files, but for some reason thought today was the 3rd. So when nothing triggered I figured it was just incorrect coding.

They also say to plant corn now.

Quick tip for y’all….Grow Corn! As in, start it right now. Before you complete Part 2 of It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity…where you unlock the ability to grow Peppers at Cletus’ Farm, start growing Corn. And turn on your XP Collider (if you’re someone who uses it)

Once you complete Part 2 of It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity the corn will Auto-Complete for you.

This will ONLY work if you start growing corn prior to completing part 2.

I can confirm, this works. I sacrificed some donuts in my game to test.